Shahid Kapoor for GQ India.
Anonyme asked: hi, can you please make a gifset for the song, woh lamhe woh baatein from zeher with emraan hashmi? I really like that song.

yup sure. let me see if i can get my hands on an HD version of that :D

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i’m open for requests


plus, don’t forget to check the FAQ for more information

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Anonyme asked: Have you watched Mardaani? Is it good? I see that it's got a super good rating on IMDB. Are people overhyping this movie just because it's Rani's film in such a looooong time?

i didn’t see it but i’m going to very soon (in the next couple of days, or this week-end. there is a lot going on at home so i don’t have time to sit and watch a movie like this one with all the focus it needs) and i’ll liveblog it, most probably.

now, i might not be the most objective person to talk about it, but i highly doubt it would be overhyped because of Rani (Aiyyaa was a film of hers that released after a long time and it didn’t keep people from bashing it). if there is any overhyping, i’d say it will be more because of the story and the fact that issues like human trafficking, rape of a teenage girls etc… are rarely used as the main plot of a film featuring a known actor, production banner and director. and to be honnest, it’s high time movies like that get overhyped ; at least, if the movie is bad, it can encourage other movie makers to take the subject and make something better out of it

get to know me meme (revisited)
10 actors (b/hollywood)
10 actresses (b/hollywood)
10 movies (b/hollywood)
10 tv shows
10 songs (hindi)
10 singers m+f (hindi)
10 characters m (b/hollywood + tv shows)
10 characters f (b/hollywood + tv shows)
10 scenes (bollywood)
10 directors (b/hollywod)
closely similar to this, but i didn’t know it existed until Sabi told me about it (so thanks).
you can make a gifset, and edit, or whatever you want for it. you can also make one set for each of your picks or one set for all of them (e.g : you can make 10 posts,1 for each of your actors, or 1 post, for all the 10 of them at once). really, it’s up to you. i just thought it would be interesting to get to know more about what you people like in general, except the things that you reblog/edit on most of the time.
having a top 10 doesn’t necessarily mean that you prefer the hundreds of other movies/shows/actors less, so just try to pick only 10. also, it doesn’t need to be a recent crush, it can be years and years old. you love an 80’s movie and you think it’s one of a kind and the mother of hundreds of movies made after that ? great ! chose it… really it’s up to you !
get to know meme ;

i’ll be starting a meme soon, that can allow people to know more about my likes. it’s going to be long (and i’ll post the list of what i’m going to do very soon) but i don’t care, i really want to do it !


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psd 15 - by fatii. download : box

- works better on bright scenes - enhances colors.
- contains optionnal layer for dark scenes.
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Track Title: Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

Artist: Badshah & Aastha

Album: Khoobsurat (2014)
Khoobsurat - Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai
Anonyme asked: Phool Khil Jayenge, what's that?

it’s a music video about children health and immunisation, it was launch a few days back (like mid august or something) but i just got my hands on the full version.

you should listen to song though, it’s pretty :) : here

Anonyme asked: Can you PLEASE gif more of Bobby Jasoos? I LOVE that movie!

oh i’m counting on it, don’t worry ! i still have a lot of bobbyxtasawur scenes to do, also some random reaction gifs, and some for the bobby jasoos meme… i’m just too lazy at the actual moment xD

but i was hopping i could have a moment of peace tonight, and make a post or two to post :D

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Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar for Phool Khil Jayenge

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

basically : tumblr…