Track Title: Dal Makhani

Artist: Manj Musik, Raftaar

Album: Dr. Cabbie
Dr. Cabbie - Dal Makhani
Track Title: Dal Makhani

Artist: Manj Musik, Raftaar

Album: Dr. Cabbie
Dr. Cabbie - Dal Makhani
O nightingale of the hurt one,
Don’t meet the flower…

i like Mahi Ve better, because Fanny Re is disturbing and it just sounds like “Oh Vagina Reeeeeeeee” in my head

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i’m addicted to the Dal Makhani song…

It (music) is a combination of many things. It’s a form of personal expression. It could also mean sharing emotions, thoughts and celebrating things together. Music has helped me open up emotionally in terms of communicating with people. My relationships with people take long to form. I don’t open up easily. Music has let me get on stage and interact with a large number of people. It has helped me to let go of my inhibitions and just be myself.


" before shooting the film, we didn’t didn’t know each other that well, and i don’t open up easily to people i am not close to. but the need of the hour was to develop a compatibility, and i did just that. i don’t regret it at all. i’d say we developed a friendship during the course of the shooting.", farhan akhtar.

my dil started dhad-dhadking for them ever since…
allaaaaaah… maar daala.
happy birthday to the sweetest mivi
this isn’t how i expected it to turn out, but my ps is pissing me off lately, crashing every two minutes. ugh. anyhow, i really hope you like it, and again, i wish you a great day and year ahead, and stay awesome ♥


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When your parents insist you apologize for something you did and they think was wrong…
what you would love to say…

what you actually say…

shahid kapoor | GQ magazine