the first look of “Raja Natwarlal” looks interesting… well, emraan’s style teased my curiosity ever since i saw a few on set pictures.

Anonyme asked: If you don't like some actors, why react to posts about them at all?

if you want to have this conversation with me, why hide behind an anonymous self ? :D

but to answer your question, it’s maybe because i like talking to people about stuff, and understand their opinions

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Anonyme asked: Mon caramel *.* il est trop beau ton blog :D (c'est adéla au cas ou lol)

adelouchaaaaaa *-* ça fait un moment dis donc !

comment tu es tombée dessus ? xD

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guys you can come back

im full on able to handle trolls so give it you best shot bitches

pw: jalebia

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Track Title: Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein

Artist: Arijit Singh

Album: Heartless
Heartless - Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein
WTF bollywood moments ; name your joint Manali, lose “her”, and freak the hell out.

guys i’m borred, give me some request, pretty pleaaaaseeeee *-*

Anonyme asked: Heard that Vidya left the movie with Emraan too, and is now replaced by Shraddha, any truth to that?

according to Mahesh, it’s not true, and Vidya is still doing the film. he just tweeted about it yesterday, and also responded by saying :

"I’ve always maintained that this film cannot be made without Vidya, as it requires a certain Indianness and emotional quotient. It requires great performance and there is no alternate option… They are all speculations, which started because of the change in Emraan’s dates as he had to attend to his son’s treatment. We’re shooting in various places, including the Middle East.”

so no, it’s not true. and thank god because i can’t picture Shraddha and Emraan together. i do like her and think she’s cute, but, no, not with Emraan xD

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Anonyme asked: I know how much you love SKSE, and so do I but, I was curious, what are the 3 major flaws according to you?

well, i don’t know if i can really call them flaws, (for me a flaw is more of a thing that can ruin the whole thing) but i get your point. no film of that genre is really perfect, at least not for me, and there is a few things about skse that could’ve been better, but if i had to pick, i’d say :

- some scenes were somewhat unecessary, and too dragy. (but well, i can watch Farhan and Vidya together all day, so i’m not complaining)

- i felt that Trisha’s character was sidelined at some points of the story. i know that the film is more about the male’s vision of the relationship, but i do believe that it would have been even more interesting to see more of the female’s vision. (though, i love Farhan and i can watch him all day as well). and same goes to the supporting characters.

- they could have reviewd a few details during the time jumps… like the phones, tvs, and clothing. that’s not that big of a deal to me, since these are merely superficial details and i was more focused on the rest, but still, i couldn’t help but find it a bit silly at some points xD

that would be all, really. i could have talked about some stereotypes thrown here and there, but for once, i found those clichés to be well included in the story, and with Farhan’s marvelous comic timing, i didn’t have a reason to complain about them :)

shaadi ke side effects + infinity of scenes (3/∞)
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